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Security Pack 2.0

The Microsoft WF Security Pack illustrate how to enable security scenarios
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The Microsoft WF Security Pack CTP 1 is the first community technology preview (CTP) release of a set of activities and their implementation based on Windows Workflow Foundation in .NET Framework 4 (WF 4) and the Windows Identity Foundation (WIF).

The Microsoft WF Security Pack CTP 1 contains both activities and their designers which illustrate how to easily enable various security-related scenarios using workflow, including:
Impersonating a client identity in the workflow.
In-workflow authorization, such as PrincipalPermission and validation of Claims.
Authenticated messaging using ClientCredentials specified in the workflow, such as username/password or a token retrieved from a Security Token Service (STS).
Flowing a client security token to a back-end service (claims-based delegation) using WS-Trust ActAs.

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